Who’s Kendra?

Hi!  Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and some of my recipes.  I’ve spent most of my life running around the kitchen and trying to create things.  Food has always been my passion but it is through sharing it with others that I really find fulfillment.

When I started college, I realized that most of my friends didn’t know how to cook.  Once a week, I would end up cooking a huge meal and sharing it with friends.  It wasn’t unusual for my tiny apartment to have 15-20 college students huddled over paper plates eating whatever meal I had prepared.  I wasn’t making anything fancy; I also didn’t have hours to devote to cooking.  It was normally quick and easy food that could be prepared in large batches.  Many of my friends were not so much impressed with what I was cooking but rather with the fact that I knew how to cook at all.  What I realized is that there are so many people who just never had the right opportunity to learn the basics. After so much time and possibly a couple of fumbled meals, many people have just assumed that cooking isn’t something they can do.

After a couple of years of college, I realized I was definitely not pursuing the right path.  Cooking was still very much my passion but my head just wasn’t ready to make the step towards culinary school.  I quit school and became a nanny.  The family I was working for was also looking to hire someone to do meal prep a couple of nights a week.  When they found out I knew how to cook, they asked if I would be willing to do that.  Get paid to cook whatever I wanted?  Heck yes!  I was all for it.

It was through my time as a nanny, I really began to realize the assistance of meal-prep.  I think the question of “What’s for dinner?” is a universal one but it is parents who seem to worry about it the most.  It’s enough of a struggle to try to make something in the time you have with the ingredients you have on hand, but when there are kids in tow, it adds an extra degree of difficulty.

When I left the family for which I worked in order to go to culinary school, I knew how much the mother was dreading the fact that finding dinner would once again be a nightly chore.  I prepared about 20 meals to stock their freezer for the few months after I left.

I have realized that college students/young professionals and parents have one huge thing in common: Many nights, the thought “but I can’t cook” crosses their mind, whether it’s because of time constraints or lack of knowledge/experience.  I created this blog because food is my passion but it is through sharing it with you that I will find fulfillment