Kung Pao Chicken

My favorite part about making Kung Pao Chicken at home is being able to choose exactly what vegetables are in it and I can make it as spicy as I want. For my recipe, I just used carrots and chives but you could very easily add peppers, water chestnuts, yellow onions, or whatever other vegetables … More Kung Pao Chicken

Baking Bacon

Bacon is delicious.  If America had an official food (it probably does but that doesn’t help my argument), it would likely be bacon.  We’re a bit obsessed with it.  You know what I’m not obsessed with?  Having to cook it in several batches because only a few pieces will fit in your frying pan.  Luckily, … More Baking Bacon

Homemade Frozen Pizza

Fun fact: Approximately 2/3 of American households have at least one pizza in their freezer right now. I was fully prepared to make up that statistic but a quick google search showed me that someone actually spent time conducting this survey. I love pizza and I really believe that, taking topping preferences out of the … More Homemade Frozen Pizza


      Any chef will tell you that one of the most important things to smoothly preparing a meal is mise-en-place (mees-en-plaz). For anyone who doesn’t know, mise-en-place means “put in place”. It’s the practice of having all of the prep work done before you start applying heat and actually cooking. It keeps you from having … More Mise-en-Place